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Startup Small International Centers to prefer Hosted Dialer + Unlimited VoIP Combo starting @ 20000 INR Only Internet, Agent PC and Headphone required at the client end, start within 2 hrs. Save on IT Resource and Lease Line Costs.

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Dialer-PRI Model
With Rental Services.

Domestic Centers to chose Dialer-PRI Rental Model starting @ 20000 INR with only PRI Line and Server required at Client End.

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Welcome To Avyukta Intellical

Avyukta Intellicall has proved itself over the past 14 Yrs in providing quality telecall ing and customized CRM / MIS integrations and solutions to call centers and BPO s offering various Techno-Commercial options like - Purchase, EMI, Rental, with Free Dialer, Unlimited Dialer Seats, Hosted Dialer, Predictive Dialer call center, Sangoma, Digium, Allo, PRI card, Synway, Dinstar, gsm gateway, Free PRI card with Dialer Rental/EMI Models for inbound outbound domestic and international processes.
We offer various Techno-Commercial Options like Unlimited VoIP Combo, Retail VoIP, Hosted call center Dialer, Predictive Dialer Software for International Call Centers, Retail VoIP for International Call Centers, Hosted VoIP, and Voice Broadcasting.
The journey began in May 2008 and is a long way to go. By 2021, the company's vision includes completing 500+ center setups and setting up quality-oriented product applications, software, and CRM development unit.

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Don't compare with freelancers, WFH vendors who might not pick call/s while you drop 13000INR sales for a downtime.

100 MB Cloud Servers

All our Hosted and / or Cloud Based Hostings are done in India/US Based Premium A+ category Data Centers.

24X6 Support

24x6 Chat, Phone, Email support to our centers for any Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Dialer related queries and Issues.


We offer end-to-end "Unified communication solutions” for Call Center, Banking, collection, and other enterprises. Our Voice Solutions, Strong domain expertise, and extensive technology skills enable our customers to increase their profitability and reduce their operational expenses.

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  • 100 MB Cloud Servers

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