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Billed Monthly
  • Rent A Dialer Starting at 720 INR
  • Purchase A Dialer Starting at 5200 INR
  • EMI A Dialer Starting at 1500 INR



Billed Monthly
  • Rent A Dialer Starting at 720 INR
  • Purchase A Dialer Starting at 5200 INR
  • EMI A Dialer Starting at 1500 INR

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Cloud Dialer
Avyukta Intellicall: Yes, but only once the commercials are frozen; please select the model and click on order, or find the Demo Request Form
Hosted Call Center
Avyukta Intellicall: Customer Information Form Pre Installation Check List- International Call Center Pre Installation Check List- DomesticCall Center
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Avyukta Intellicall: Click here to download the Dialer Snapshots; please put the password as dialerindia123 once prompted
Hosted telephony
Avyukta Intellicall: We use three categories of the Dialer Solution; we are one of the unique vendors who procure both Hardware-based and Software-based Dialers; hardware-based Solutions are suggested to centers with more than 80 Seats for cost mitigation reasons. However, the feature list can be found here; see the Feature list.
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Avyukta Intellicall: We advice all clients to adhere to follow the 26 support points located on Support.php
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Avyukta Intellicall: For centers dialing Multiple Destinations forex both US and UK or Destinations apart from UK/US/Canada a Retail Model is suggested where DOT Approved VoIP + Predictive Dialer (Unlimited Seats) combo is offered at rates starting as low as 55 Paisa/Min (Higher for centers lesser than 21 Seats ) ; For centers without Lease Line or having Work from Home system or Distributed Call Center Architecture with Call Centers located at different location/s , a Hosted/Cloud/Virtual server is suggested so that even in case the number of seats increase multiple broadband connections can be used for better connectivity ; For Centers dialing Single Destination in US or UK or Canada or Australia Metro Unlimited Model is suggested without any last-minute recharge hassles and preventing downtimes , Payment is made in the beginning of every month or on a pro data basis and time based license is provided for Unlimited VoIP with Free Dialer for a month or Number of Days for which the Payment is prepaid with Avyukta Intellicall. For Centers above 10 Seats willing to have a cloud architecture or for resellers interested in displaying their brand name (Additional Charges on a Case to Case Basis ), it is recommended to go for a dedicated hosted server. Would you please request your respective BDM for the same?
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Avyukta Intellicall: For A grade Approved VoIP, we use only A-Grade A quality Approved VoIP Routes with at least three backup routes for every client. However, A+ Grade Routes are also possible at approximately 10% higher price/s on demand; for India, we are resellers or distributors or channels partnered with almost all registered A Class ISP s authorized to provide A-grade Approved Minutes from TRAI. For Hosted or Cloud or Virtual Server Solutions, we are currently using 6 Dedicated Server based in A+ Grade COLOs and Data Centers, each with at least 100 MB of Premium Bandwidth and at least 20 TB or transfers. Also, these servers are Dual Xeon Quad Cores with 16 GB RAM or higher and RAID Setups of 1 TB or higher.
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